11 Typical Lebanese Arabic Expressions You Would Best Hear in Lebanon

11 Typical Lebanese Arabic Expressions You Would Best Hear in Lebanon

If you have ever moved or stayed in Lebanon, you’d have certainly come upon these 11 common Lebanese Arabic terms that you’dn’t notice elsewhere worldwide. These Lebanese words and phrases are widely-used generally among the Lebanese people to express their own attitude, and you would have to getting wet from inside the Lebanese culture to truly see them.

Ouf shu taybe

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If you consider converting it, ouf shu taybe means they tastes great, when talking about dinner or a drink.

Employing this term in Lebanon in an identical condition will show your large admiration for just what you have been offered and you think its great generating the host feel acutely happy and happy.


Habibe means a?my dearest’ or a?my cherished’ in Lebanese. In Lebanon, we make use of habibe with everyone male or female, and now we nearly add it to every sentence.

Like, we say — Hello habibe! Just how could you be habibe? Are you able to become me one glass of liquid, please habibe?

Minute ouyoune

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In literal interpretation min ouyoune indicates a?from my personal attention’. In Lebanon as soon as you query individuals for things assuming he or she replies with a?min ouyoune’, then person are suggesting that he/she certainly will do it with joy.

Deploying it is quite nice when someone asks that take action on their behalf, you make your partner become appreciated.


It really is a tremendously nice gesture might be used between friends, group or co-worker in an effort to cause them to become pleased.


Afwan is utilized in a different sort of perspective as either justification me/welcome, but is far more commonly used to call-out people you don’t know to inquire about for anything.

For example, it can be used to grab another person’s attention (unless you understand their term) to inquire of for information. Really commonly used in Lebanon and people reacts to they.

Shu el Akhbar?

Shu el Akhbar means a?what include stories’. Lebanese use it whenever they want to ask you to answer about what’s started happening recently in your lifetime. It is like examining on some body, just how has they started Pittsburgh escort, what are they going through or if perhaps they have any parents stories to share.

Tisbah ala kheir

The exact interpretation ways a?morning on comfort’, yet the Lebanese use it very often an individual in the room could rest or as soon as you allow friends and family and mind home for any evening. Tisbah ala kheir ways a?May your awaken tomorrow to a tranquil day’. Many terminology that demonstrate kindness and worry.

Nharak stated

Want to tell people to have actually everyday filled with happiness? Only say nharak mentioned! Nharak said virtually equals a?your day glee’ yet in Lebanon, it indicates more. Informing individuals nharak said methods your wish that the person enjoys a day full of delight.

Shu el aamal?

a?Shu el aamal?a? practically translates to a?what will be the carrying out?a? However in Lebanon, men and women state they frequently once they intend to prepare an outing. a?Shu el aamal?a? means a?what is the strategy?a? It usually is requested whenever something is in the pipeline.

Shu el wadee?

In interpretation a?shu el wadee?a? means a?What is the condition?a? the Lebanese say they usually within a conversation to ask about new stories or existing conditions within one’s lives and jobs.

Lyom el sahra eena

This really is put when you want to tell everyone or family that party has reached your place. Truly a type of invite to one’s quarters. a?Lyom el sahra eenaa? translates to a?Today the celebration reaches ours.a?

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