How to claim a tax rebate now I’ve got my estimate

How to claim a tax rebate now I’ve got my estimate

How much is my Tax Rebate worth? That’s what everyone wants to know, so when you claim your tax rebate with RIFT, you just need to decide how to spend it. Using our free tax rebate calculator instantly gives you an estimate of how much of a tax refund you could be owed from HMRC, with the average being payday loans in Lenoir City TN?2.5k.

* Please note this calculation is based on an estimate and using the information you provided. Contact us for an exact calculation of your HMRC tax refund.

Once you know how much of a tax rebate you could be owed, the next step is to get in touch with RIFT and let us start your claim.

  1. We’ll need a few details about your work and circumstances.
  2. You’ll be assigned a Personal Tax Specialist to crunch the numbers, gather the information and build your claim.
  3. We’ll ask you to confirm you’re happy with the amount you’re claiming. Once you are, we’ll roll up our sleeves and dive into the paperwork.

The RIFT service doesn’t stop when we submit your claim to HMRC, though. With RIFT, you’ll get year-round aftercare and peace of mind with no extra charges to worry about. At the same time, we’ll chase the taxman for you until your claim’s paid out in full.

Most importantly, we’ll keep you in the loop throughout the whole process. Our free RIFT app lets you track your tax refund claim every step of the way and check your payout date at any time. Meanwhile, you can always get in touch by phone or email with any questions you have about your tax rebate.

Your free MyRIFT account means you can check and update any key information and tell us how you want your tax rebate paid. MyRIFT puts it all at your fingertips, instantly and anywhere.

Our guarantee means you’ll never lose a penny

The RIFT Guarantee means you’ve got no worries about the taxman. As long as the information you’ve given us is correct, you’re completely protected against HMRC inquiries about your tax rebate claim. If HMRC ever dug its heels in and demanded some of your refund payout back, we’d pay them ourselves at no cost to you! That’s the magic of the RIFT Guarantee, protecting both you and your refund cash.

Looking for help with Self Assessment tax returns instead?

Our tax rebate calculator is for people looking to claim tax back for essential work expenses. If you’re looking to claim specifically for travel you can use our mileage calculator. If you’re self-employed or using the Self-Assessment tax return system for other reasons, we can help with that too! See our Self-Employed tax calculator page to see how we take all the stress and guesswork out of Self Assessment.

How long will it take my HMRC tax rebate to come?

With 7 specialist tax refund teams working on your rebate claim, we’ll get it calculated, checked and on the taxman’s desk fast. HMRC tends to take between 8-10 weeks to handle a typical tax refund claim, so it’s a great idea not to leave yours until the last minute. The sooner we have your information, the sooner you’ll get your tax rebate.

If you’ve missed out on claiming before, it still might not be too ate to get back what you’re owed. You can claim back overpaid tax for up to 4-years, with the tax year ticking over on the 6th April. Anything you’re still owed after 4 tax years roll by, is lost forever.

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